Doping the Void is a punk rock band. That part of the description is easy. A big part of the DtV sound is trumpet, and here is where it gets a little complicated. Doping the Void is not a ska band. DtV is a punk rock band with a trumpet player beamed in from the early fifties. Think guitar riffs + distorted bass   + shouting +bourbon + soul trumpet melodies. You get the idea.   
With songs about strippers, zombies, and unicorns; that combination of aggression, goofiness and melody is DtV’s signature sound. Doping the Void is a little bit like burned macadamia cookies… Hard, ugly and packed with plenty of giant nuts. As an unexpected topping you get a full serving of soul trumpet, just to be sure that this is nothing you've ever tasted.  Rough-n-Roll.

Titans of Industry: Vinyl
  • Titans of Industry: Vinyl

Titans of Industry: Vinyl

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Doping the Void! Louder. Uglier. Blinder. Fünf neue Songs über Verschwörungstheorien & Bigfoot, plus die sehr eigene Interpretation eines 80er Jahre Klassikers zum Augenschutz. Noch mehr Punkrock, noch mehr Gebrüll, abgerundet durch die räudige Trompete.

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