Katzulhu Productions is a record label and recording service based in Pittsburgh, PA. We record and put out cool music by cool bands that we think you should listen to in your house and at the bar. While we primarily focus on punk rock, there is room for all types of music. If it sounds good to us, maybe you will like it as well.  

Katzulhu Productions began as a way to put on live music events for free in the Chicago area. Mostly we wanted a few places where our bands could play whenever we wanted to. The natural progression was to then release some music by our bands and other bands that we really like. So we created a label. Because, why not? 

We are working with all of the bands on our roster to make music available to anyone who wants it. Every band under this roof are great people making the music that they love. So please grab some music and merch, sign up to the mailing list and get to a show! Questions? Contact us!